30×40 2 bhk house plan east facing


30×40 2 bhk house plan east facing

Introducing our stunning 30×40 2 BHK house plan, designed for those who prefer a modern styling with a traditional touch. With an east-facing elevation, this house plan offers plenty of natural light and the perfect orientation to capture the sunrise. The airy and spacious living room flows seamlessly into the dining area and kitchen, creating an open-plan living space perfect for entertaining or relaxing. The two bedrooms, with attached bathrooms, are well-appointed with ample storage and exceptional privacy. The exteriors feature a welcoming porch and a lovely garden, adding to the charm of this house. This house plan truly embodies the perfect blend of beauty and functionality, making it an ideal home for contemporary living.

30×40 2 bhk house plan east facing

If you’re looking for a 30×40 2BHK house plan that’s east-facing, here’s a unique design that may inspire you. This plan is designed in such a way that it maximizes natural light and ventilation while maintaining privacy and efficiency in space.

The main entrance of the house leads straight into a spacious living room that is connected to a separate dining area. The kitchen is designed to be compact yet functional, and it has an attached utility room that can be used for storage or laundry purposes.

There are two bedrooms in the house, each with an attached bathroom. The master bedroom is located towards the north of the house, while the second bedroom is towards the south. Both the bedrooms have a good amount of natural light and ventilation, which could create a comfortable atmosphere for anyone.

Overall, this 30×40 2BHK house plan is perfect for families looking for a unique and efficient design that maximizes space and light. It would be ideal for anyone who is looking for a home that’s comfortable and practical.

Points For 30×40 2 bhk house plan east facing

1. Ample natural light: The east-facing orientation of the house ensures that there is an abundance of natural light throughout the day. This bright and airy feeling creates a sense of spaciousness and contributes to a healthy living environment.

2. Efficient use of space: The 30×40 2 bhk house plan is designed to make the most of the available space. The layout ensures that each room is utilized effectively without any wasted space. The bedroom and living room have been positioned to take advantage of the natural light, while the kitchen and dining area are located in a more functional position.

3. Varied elevation: The house plan features a visually interesting and unique elevation that distinguishes it from other houses in the area. The front facade has been designed with a combination of different materials and textures, creating a striking visual impact. This design element not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the house but also enhances its overall value.

30×40 2 bhk house plan east facing Conslusion

A 30×40 east facing 2 BHK house plan would be a great option for a small family. It offers ample space for living and multiple utility areas. Planning is crucial for effective utilization of the area.

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