30 x 55 house plans north facing


30 x 55 house plans north facing

Designing a house from the ground up can be an incredibly exciting process, but also a daunting one. For homeowners who are looking for a plan that considers all their requirements and needs, in India, 30 x 55 house plans for North facing are becoming increasingly popular. These house plans offer an ample amount of space that can accommodate numerous rooms, while still maintaining a comfortable living environment. North facing plans are most preferred in India, as they naturally receive an abundance of sunlight, which not only reduces energy costs but also the effects of dampness and moisture during monsoons. Moreover, these plans are designed with vastu principles that promote health, wealth, and prosperity within the home.

30 x 55 house plans north facing

North-facing homes are a popular choice among homeowners as they offer great natural lighting and ventilation. The 30 x 55 house plan is a perfect design for a north-facing house. This plan offers enough space for a small family or a couple who prefers a spacious living area. The north-facing orientation helps to maximize the benefits of natural lighting and ventilation.

The 30 x 55 house plan has a simple and elegant design with a spacious living room, kitchen, and dining area on the ground floor. The first floor has two bedrooms, a master bedroom with an attached bathroom and a common bathroom. The design is perfect for a small family looking for a comfortable and cozy home.

One of the key features of the 30 x 55 house plan is the ample space it offers. The plan provides enough room for all essential amenities and additional spaces for storage or a home office. The north-facing orientation ensures that the house remains cool during the hot summer months and warm during the winter months.

In conclusion, the 30 x 55 house plan is a perfect choice for those looking for a comfortable and cozy home that maximizes natural lighting and ventilation. Its north-facing orientation ensures that the house remains comfortable throughout the year, making it a worthwhile investment for any homeowner.

Points For 30 x 55 house plans north facing

1. Energy efficiency: North-facing houses have a distinct advantage when it comes to energy efficiency. By optimizing the orientation and placement of windows, the building can be designed to capture as much natural light and warmth as possible. This can considerably reduce energy consumption and lower heating and cooling costs, making the house more sustainable and eco-friendly.

2. Compact and functional design: A 30 x 55 north-facing house plan should be designed with a balance of proportion and functionality. The layout should be compact and efficient, making the most of the available space while ensuring each room has a specific purpose. The design should incorporate open concept living areas, storage space, and plenty of natural light to create a bright and airy feel.

3. Modern design elements: A north-facing house plan can incorporate modern design elements to create a contemporary and stylish living space. Features such as large windows, skylights, and vaulted ceilings can give a sense of openness and airiness, while sleek finishes and minimalist design can create a clean, sophisticated look. Other unique features that can enhance the appeal of a modern north-facing house plan include rooftop gardens, outdoor living areas and high-tech automation systems.

30 x 55 house plans north facing Conslusion

In conclusion, the North-facing house plans offer numerous benefits including maximum sunlight exposure, improved energy efficiency, and reduced heating bills. Choosing the right plan can ensure your dream home is both functional and aesthetically appealing.

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