30 x 45 house plans west facing


30 x 45 house plans west facing

If you’re looking for a small yet functional home design, a 30 x 45 house plan could be the perfect fit. If your lot faces west, then you have the opportunity to maximize natural lighting inside your home. A west-facing house plan also provides the perfect opportunity for outdoor living. With ample space in the backyard, you can create your very own backyard oasis. Whether you want to enjoy a summer barbecue or simply relax under a shaded pergola, there’s plenty of space for both. With the right combination of indoor and outdoor living spaces, you can create a warm and welcoming home that’s perfect for your family.

30 x 45 house plans west facing

When it comes to selecting a house plan for your West-facing plot, you need to consider a few things to ensure your new home is comfortable and energy-efficient.

The first thing to note is that a West-facing orientation means that the main living areas and bedrooms will receive most of the afternoon and evening sun, which can be lovely in winter. However, during summer, the strong afternoon sun can heat up your interior uncomfortably.

To combat this, you need to ensure your house plan maximizes natural ventilation and shading. Large windows on the East side of the house will allow natural sunlight in without the overwhelming heat gain.

As for the floor plan layout, you can consider designs that are more open and flexible to allow cross-ventilation across the house. A practical idea would be to have a large central living space with bedrooms and bathrooms situated on either side.

In conclusion, when searching for a house plan for your West-facing plot, opt for designs that take advantage of natural light and airflow, to ensure your new home is both comfortable and energy-efficient.

Points For 30 x 45 house plans west facing

1. Vastu-compliant design: One of the unique features of 30 x 45 West facing house plans is the incorporation of Vastu principles in the design. The plan aims to balance the five natural elements – air, water, fire, earth, and space – to provide a harmonious living environment. Some of the Vastu-aligned room placements and designs include a kitchen in the southeast, a master bedroom in the southwest, and a puja room in the northeast.

2. Open-plan concept: Another unique aspect of West facing house plans is their tendency to adopt an open-plan design. By minimizing interior walls, the plan maximizes natural light, improves ventilation, and creates a sense of spaciousness. The open-plan concept in a 30 x 45 West facing house plan usually encompasses a shared living, dining, and kitchen area that’s perfect for entertaining and socializing.

3. Multi-level floors: A 30 x 45 West facing house plan may incorporate multi-level floors, which add to the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the house. A split-level design, for instance, can separate the common and private areas of the home, providing separation and privacy for different members of the house. Additionally, multi-level floors can increase the living space of the home by creating additional rooms such as a study, home office, or game room.

30 x 45 house plans west facing Conslusion

In conclusion, west-facing 30×45 house plans can provide an excellent opportunity to design a spacious and functional home. Focusing on maximizing natural light and airflow can enhance the overall livability of the space.

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