30 x 35 house plan south facing


30 x 35 house plan south facing

This 30 x 35 south facing house plan is perfect for those looking for a compact yet spacious home. With cleverly designed layouts and smart utilization of space, this house promises to provide all the necessary amenities for a comfortable living experience. The plan features a well-lit living room, dining area, and a compact yet functional kitchen. The bedrooms are spacious and situated in a way that maximizes privacy, with the master bedroom boasting an attached bathroom. Additionally, the design includes a small veranda that could serve as a perfect spot for relaxation or even a barbeque with friends and family. In summary, this house plan is an excellent option for those looking for a cost-effective, comfortable, and practical housing solution.

30 x 35 house plan south facing

When it comes to purchasing or building a house, the floor plan is one of the crucial elements to consider. A 30 x 35 house plan south facing can be an excellent option for those who prefer a well-lit and airy living space. South-facing houses receive maximum sunlight throughout the day, making them ideal for those looking for a bright and warm ambiance.

The 30 x 35 house plan south facing should have a well-designed layout that maximizes the available space. The ground floor can feature a spacious living room, a kitchen with an adjacent dining area, a bedroom with an attached bathroom, and a guest bathroom. The first floor can have two additional bedrooms, each with an attached bathroom, and a balcony that provides a stunning view of the surroundings.

To enhance the visual appeal of the house, homeowners can opt for large windows and doors that allow ample natural light to enter the space. Moreover, incorporating a few green features such as a terrace garden or indoor plants can contribute to a healthy and eco-friendly home.

In conclusion, a 30 x 35 house plan south facing can be an excellent investment for homeowners who prioritize natural lighting and a warm ambiance. With the right design elements and green features, this house plan can provide a comfortable and sustainable living space for residents.

Points For 30 x 35 house plan south facing

1. Exterior Elevation Design: The house plan is designed with a modern and stylish exterior elevation that makes it stand out from the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. The south-facing facade of the house is adorned with unique features like a wooden deck, a bay window, and a spacious porch that can be used for entertaining guests or simply enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

2. Spacious Living Areas: The 30 x 35 house plan south facing boasts of an open and spacious floor plan that enhances the feeling of space and accessibility. The interior design is tailored to meet the needs of modern families, providing ample space for living, dining, and entertainment. The living room is particularly impressive with its high ceilings, large windows, and a cozy fireplace, perfect for family gatherings.

3. Smart Design Features: The south-facing house plan incorporates several smart design features that increase functionality and efficiency. For instance, the kitchen layout is designed for maximum utility and includes plenty of counter space, an island, and a pantry. The bedrooms are spacious and well-appointed with dedicated closets, while the bathrooms feature modern fixtures, premium finishes, and ample ventilation. The house plan also includes several storage spaces, a laundry room, and an attached garage, making it a complete and well-rounded home.

30 x 35 house plan south facing Conslusion

In conclusion, the 30×35 house plan for a south-facing house offers numerous possibilities for a comfortable and spacious living arrangement. With proper implementation and customization, it can perfectly suit all your housing needs.

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