25×40 west facing house plan


25×40 west facing house plan

This west facing house plan is a perfect example of modern architecture combined with functionality. The 25×40 plot size is ideal for small families who prefer a cozy yet spacious home. The exterior façade boasts clean lines and a contemporary finish that blends in perfectly with the surroundings. The entrance of the house leads to a spacious living room that is connected to a dining area and a modular kitchen. The house also includes two spacious bedrooms, a study room, and a well-designed bathroom. Thanks to its west facing orientation, the house receives ample sunlight throughout the day, making it the perfect home for nature lovers.

25×40 west facing house plan

A 25×40 West facing house plan can be a great choice for those who are looking for a budget-friendly and space-efficient option. The west-facing direction is considered to be beneficial as it allows for plenty of natural light and ventilation throughout the day. Here’s a unique layout for a 25×40 West facing house plan that maximizes on space and functionality:

The ground floor would consist of a spacious living room, a separate dining area, a guest bedroom with an attached bathroom, a small kitchen, and a utility area. The first floor would comprise of two bedrooms, both with attached bathrooms, and a balcony that opens up to the west-facing facade. The second floor would be a multipurpose loft space that can be used as a home office, a study, or a recreation room.

This design allows for privacy and separation between the living spaces while maintaining an open and airy feel. The west-facing balcony is an ideal spot for enjoying sunsets, hosting barbeques, or simply relaxing with a book. Overall, this 25×40 West facing house plan is perfect for those who seek comfort and functionality within a limited space and budget.

Points For 25×40 west facing house plan

1. Modern Design: The West Facing 25×40 House Plan boasts of a unique and modern design with a flat roof and large windows to ensure sufficient natural light.

2. Open Floor Plan: The house plan comes with an open floor plan that maximizes the use of space. The living room, dining, and kitchen areas all blend seamlessly into one another, creating a perfect spot for entertaining guests.

3. Two Bedrooms: The West Facing 25×40 house plan features two spacious bedrooms with ample closet space. Each bedroom has its own en-suite bathroom, providing privacy and convenience for every member of the family.

25×40 west facing house plan Conslusion

In conclusion, a 25×40 West facing house plan can be a perfect choice for those who want a spacious and well-ventilated home. Proper planning and design can help maximize space and offer comfortable living.

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