south facing house floor plans 30×60


south facing house floor plans 30×60

A south-facing house is considered highly auspicious according to Vastu Shastra and holds immense importance in ensuring a harmonious living. The 30×60 floor plan is perfect for those who want a spacious yet compact house that caters to their modern-day needs. With a south-facing orientation, the house facilitates proper sunlight and helps maintain the right temperature throughout. This design helps in regulating the flow of positive energy throughout the house, enhancing the overall wellbeing of its occupants. The floor plan includes a welcoming foyer, a spacious living area, dining room, kitchen with modern amenities, bedrooms with attached bathrooms, and a large outdoor space that can be utilized for various purposes.

south facing house floor plans 30×60

A south-facing house is considered an auspicious direction for many reasons. It allows ample sunlight to enter the house, which not only brightens the space but also helps in keeping the house naturally warm during winters. If you are planning to build a 30×60 house, then opting for south facing house floor plans can be a great idea.

You can consider having a spacious living room, a spacious bedroom, two guestrooms, a kitchen, a dining area, and a pooja room. You can also try incorporating a small garden area or a balcony to soak up the sunlight and enjoy the fresh air.

Another great advantage of a south-facing house is that it allows ample scope for natural lighting. While designing the floor plan, ensure that the windows and doors are placed in such a way that they facilitate maximum sunlight throughout the day.

Overall, a south-facing house with a 30×60 floor plan can be an ideal choice for those who value natural lighting, warmth, and positive energy flow in their house.

Points For south facing house floor plans 30×60

1) Incorporating a central courtyard: A unique feature to add in a south-facing house floor plan is a central courtyard. This not only acts as a focal point for the house but also provides ample natural light and ventilation to all the rooms facing the courtyard. Additionally, it can be a great space to entertain guests or unwind after a long day.

2) Maximizing natural light: When designing a south-facing house, it is important to make the most of the sunlight. One way to do this is by positioning the living and dining areas towards the south-facing side of the house. Additionally, utilizing large windows and skylights can also help to maximize natural light and reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day.

3) Split-level design: Another unique feature to incorporate in a south-facing house floor plan is a split-level design. This type of design involves splitting the house into two or more levels, with each level stepping down slightly from the previous one. This not only creates visual interest but also provides an opportunity to separate living areas from sleeping areas, or to take advantage of a sloping lot. Additionally, it can help to increase natural ventilation throughout the house.

south facing house floor plans 30×60 Conslusion

South facing house floor plans for 30×60 plots can optimize natural light and solar energy, reducing energy costs. Well-designed layouts can maximize space and flow, creating functional and comfortable living spaces.

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