house plan for 20×60 site east facing


house plan for 20×60 site east facing

The 20×60 site with an east-facing orientation is a great opportunity to build a stunning and spacious house. This plan is designed to make the most out of the space to deliver a comfortable and functional living experience. The property features a beautiful entrance that welcomes you to a spacious hall, leading to a large living and dining area. To the left is a modern kitchen with an attached pantry and utility area. The house has two bedrooms on the ground floor with a common restroom, while the upper floor hosts a private master bedroom with an attached balcony and a guest bedroom also with a balcony. The terrace area provides ample space for relaxation and outdoor entertainment, while the car park can accommodate up to two cars.

house plan for 20×60 site east facing

Designing a house plan for a 20×60 site which faces East can be an exciting challenge. With the right design, it can create a comfortable and visually appealing space that connects the homeowner seamlessly with the outdoors. Here’s a potential plan for such a site:

The Ground Floor:

The main entrance leads to a spacious living room illuminated by natural light through large windows. This flows into the dining area, which opens up to a kitchen equipped with a modern cooking range. A guest bedroom with an attached bathroom can be found on this floor as well.

The First Floor:

A master bedroom with an attached balcony is situated on the upper floor, providing plenty of natural light and stunning views. Two additional spacious bedrooms each with an in-suite bathroom and a balcony are located here too.

Other Features:

One interesting feature is a beautiful garden with a fountain in the front yard and a small lawn in the back. Large French windows installed in the living room/dining area and bedrooms provide natural ventilation and ample light. The orientation of the house ensures that the maximum airflow is always available.

Overall, this house plan will combine a sense of harmony with spacious, functional, and aesthetically pleasing elements.

Points For house plan for 20×60 site east facing

1. Open Concept Living Space – With an open concept living space, you can create a bright and airy atmosphere for your home. This plan would involve a large living room, dining room, and kitchen that flow seamlessly into each other. The east-facing wall would feature large windows or sliding glass doors to let in plenty of natural light, and you could add a patio or deck outside.

2. Multi-Level Design – A multi-level design is an excellent option for those who want to take full advantage of a narrow lot. With this plan, you could divide the home into several levels to create multiple living spaces. The first level could be the living room and kitchen, while the upper levels could consist of bedrooms and even a rooftop deck for outdoor entertaining.

3. Courtyard Oasis – You could design your home to maximize outdoor space by creating a central courtyard oasis. In this plan, the house would wrap around a central courtyard that could be used for relaxing, entertaining, and even gardening. This would be an ideal option for those who value privacy and want a tranquil space to escape to. You could also add a rooftop garden to extend your green space.

house plan for 20×60 site east facing Conslusion

In conclusion, the best house plan for a 20×60 site that is east facing would be one that maximizes natural light and ventilation. It should feature ample living space and functional design while maintaining the integrity of the property’s dimensions.

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