house plan for 20×45 site east facing


house plan for 20×45 site east facing

Welcome to our unique house plan for a 20×45 site that’s east-facing! This architecturally-designed home is a perfect blend of modern and traditional styles, featuring an open floor plan, spacious living areas, and plenty of natural light. As you enter the house, you will be greeted by a large living room that is perfect for entertaining guests and family gatherings. Right next to it, there is a dining area connected to the kitchen, which is equipped with modern appliances and ample storage space. The house also features three comfortable bedrooms, with the master bedroom having an en-suite bathroom. Additionally, there is a small garden area at the back of the house, perfect for unwinding and relaxing.

house plan for 20×45 site east facing

Building a house on a 20×45 site can be a challenging task, but with the right house plan, it can be an exciting undertaking. An east-facing house on this site provides an opportunity to highlight the natural light and sunshine to create an inviting living space. In this article, we outline a unique house plan that will maximize the space on the site while ensuring functionality.

The house plan starts with a spacious living room that connects to a dining area and a modern kitchen that overlooks the backyard. The house features two bedrooms on either side of the living quarters. Each bedroom has a dedicated bathroom, making the house ideal for small families and couples. The house also features a storage space that doubles as a laundry room.

The house design features a stylish exterior that will draw compliments from your neighbors. The front yard can accommodate a well-manicured garden that will enhance the home’s curb appeal. The unique interior design with a modern touch and ample natural lighting makes this house plan ideal for anyone that appreciates a comfortable and stylish living space.

In conclusion, a house plan for a 20×45 site requires careful planning to maximize the use of space without compromising on functionality. This east-facing house plan will ensure that you will have a beautiful and functional home to enjoy for years to come.

Points For house plan for 20×45 site east facing

1) Contemporary Style: A 20×45 east facing site can accommodate a contemporary house plan with ample natural light. The ground floor can house the living room, dining area, kitchen, and a guest bedroom, while the upper floors can have two bedrooms, a family room, and a terrace garden. The house can have large windows, clean lines, and a minimalist design.

2) Traditional Style: A traditional style house plan can also be an option for a 20×45 east facing site. The ground floor can have formal living and dining areas, a kitchen, and a bedroom, while the upper floors can have three bedrooms and a study room. The house can have a sloping roof, ornate carvings, and a verandah in the front.

3) Compact Style: A 20×45 east facing site can also house a compact house plan. The ground floor can have a living cum dining area, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom, while the upper floor can have two bedrooms and a terrace. The house can be designed to utilize every inch of space, with clever storage solutions and multi-purpose rooms. The house can have a simple yet stylish design with bright colors and minimal furniture.

house plan for 20×45 site east facing Conslusion

In conclusion, our house plan for a 20×45 site east facing includes a spacious living room, three bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining area, and a balcony. The design ensures optimal utilization of the available space while providing a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment for residents.

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