30×60 house plans east facing ground floor


30×60 house plans east facing ground floor

East facing houses are always considered lucky according to Vastu Shastra. Our uniquely crafted 30×60 house plans for an east-facing ground floor are designed to offer you a comfortable living space with ample ventilation and natural light. These plans are ideal for those who want to make the most of their plot area and have enough space for outdoor activities. With carefully thought out designs, we ensure every corner of the house is utilized to its fullest potential. The house plans consist of spacious living rooms, a dining area, a luxurious kitchen, a master bedroom with an attached bathroom, and two additional bedrooms with bathrooms. The use of modern styles and minimalism make these plans perfect for urban living.

30×60 house plans east facing ground floor

If you are looking for a 30×60 east-facing house plan for your dream home, then it is important to consider the layout and design of the ground floor. The ground floor of your house is where you will spend most of your time, and it should be functional and spacious.

One of the primary considerations for an east-facing house is that the living spaces need to receive plenty of natural light. This can be achieved by placing larger windows on the eastern side of the house. The ground floor should feature an open plan living and dining area that seamlessly connects to the kitchen. This will create a spacious and airy atmosphere that is perfect for modern living.

In addition to the living space, the ground floor should also include a bedroom and a bathroom. The bedroom can be used as a guest room or as an office space for those who work from home. The bathroom should be designed to maximise space and functionality. A garage, utility room, and store can be added as part of the design.

When designing your 30×60 east-facing house plan, it is equally important to ensure adequate ventilation and appropriate lighting. The right design will ensure that your home is comfortable, functional, and perfect for modern living.

Points For 30×60 house plans east facing ground floor

1. Spacious Living Room: One of the unique points of a 30×60 house plan with an east-facing ground floor is a spacious living room layout. The open floor plan design allows for a well-lit and airy living space that is perfect for entertaining guests and spending quality time with family members.

2. Multiple Bedrooms: Another standout feature of a 30×60 house plan with an east-facing ground floor is the potential for multiple bedrooms. With enough space for three to four bedrooms, this type of house plan is ideal for large families or those who may need extra space for a home office or hobby room.

3. Modern Amenities: Lastly, a 30×60 house plan with an east-facing ground floor can come equipped with a range of modern amenities and features. This can include a modern kitchen with high-end appliances, a separate dining area, and even multiple bathrooms that are designed with contemporary fixtures and finishes. Such amenities can make daily living more comfortable and enjoyable for those who occupy the space.

30×60 house plans east facing ground floor Conslusion

In conclusion, the 30×60 house plan for an east-facing ground floor is well-designed and offers ample space for comfortable living. With thoughtful planning and execution, it can be transformed into a dream home.

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