30×35 house map

30×35 house map

This 30×35 house map is characterised by its uniqueness and functionality that is ideal for small families. The house map has been specifically designed to cater to all the modern-day needs of a family without compromising on its aesthetic appeal. The entrance leads guests into a spacious living area, which opens to the dining area as well as the kitchen. The house also features two cozy bedrooms, an attached and common bathroom, storage spaces, and a small balcony. The house is built using eco-friendly materials and boasts ample natural lighting throughout. This house map is a perfect blend of elegance and affordability, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a comfortable living space within a limited budget.

30×35 house map

Planning a house map can be an exciting yet challenging task. The 30×35 house map is an ideal choice for families looking for a spacious medium-sized house. The house plan includes a living room, dining area, and kitchen on the ground floor. Also, it should include a master bedroom with attached bathroom, a bedroom, and a common bathroom. The first floor can accommodate two bedrooms, each with an attached bathroom, a family lounge, and a balcony.

The 30×35 house map design provides ample space for ventilation and natural lighting to flow into the house. The living room should be designed to give enough space for guests to move around comfortably with adequate natural light from the windows. The kitchen should be well-furnished with all modern facilities and amenities. The dining space should be designed close to the kitchen for easy access during meal times.

When designing the bedrooms, ample space should be given for storage purposes. The master bedroom should be sized to fit a king-size bed, a wardrobe, and a sitting area. The first-floor bedrooms can be of similar sizes and should include a study area. The family lounge should be designed to provide ample space for children to play and study. A balcony can be added to the family lounge, which provides an excellent space to relax and enjoy the fresh air.

In conclusion, the 30×35 house map design is perfect for families who want ample space and a comfortable living environment. A proper plan ensures an efficient and functional design for the interiors. With careful planning and attention to detail, a 30×35 house map design can deliver both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Points For 30×35 house map

1. Multi-purpose Room: This 30×35 house map includes a multi-purpose room that can be used for various activities such as conducting meetings, hosting parties, or even as a home theatre. The room is located on the ground floor and has an attached bathroom, making it convenient for any kind of gathering.

2. Open Floor Plan: The ground floor of this house map features an open floor plan that connects the living room, kitchen, and dining area seamlessly. This design creates a large and spacious layout, making it perfect for entertaining guests. The open floor plan also offers natural light and ventilation due to multiple windows and doors.

3. Indoor Garden: The first floor of this 30×35 house map includes an indoor garden, which adds a unique touch of nature to the house. The garden is located in the center of the hallway, and it provides an excellent view from the rooms and common areas on the first floor. The indoor garden features natural lighting from skylights and is easily accessible through sliding glass doors.

30×35 house map Conslusion

In conclusion, the 30×35 house map provides ample space for a comfortable and functional home. With careful planning and design, homeowners can enjoy a variety of rooms and areas that suit their needs and preferences.

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