25×60 house plan 3d

25×60 house plan 3d

The 25×60 house plan is designed to cater to the needs of a small family. This stunning 3D house plan has a modern design that features clean lines, open spaces, and large windows to allow maximum natural light. The house plan offers a comfortable living area, three bedrooms on the upper level, and a beautiful open kitchen. The living room features a large window that overlooks the front yard, providing ample natural light to the room. The kitchen is equipped with modern amenities and incorporates a bar counter, perfect for entertaining guests. The upper level boasts of three bedrooms, including a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. Overall this 25×60 house plan is perfect for small families looking for a compact yet modern living space.

25×60 house plan 3d

A 25×60 house plan in 3D is a perfect option if you are looking for a spacious and comfortable dwelling. This plan is ideal for those who are interested in a modern and stylish home with plenty of space for their family. The house plan features an open living and dining room area, which allows for natural light and an airy atmosphere. The kitchen is also strategically placed in the center of the living space, making it easy for the cook to interact with guests.

There are three bedrooms in the house, each with its own bathroom, making it perfect for families who want their own space. The master bedroom is located on the first floor and has a walk-in closet and an attached bathroom. The second and third bedrooms are located on the second floor and have their own private bathroom.

This 25×60 house plan in 3D also has a spacious terrace on the second floor, which is perfect for enjoying the outdoors. The terrace overlooks the street and provides a wonderful view of the surrounding area. With this unique and modern house plan, you and your family will have a comfortable and stylish home that is perfect for your needs.

Points For 25×60 house plan 3d

1. Efficient Use of Space – The 25×60 house plan 3D features an efficient use of space with a well-organized floor plan that maximizes the available space. The plan includes three spacious bedrooms, two bathrooms, a comfortable living area, and a well-appointed kitchen and dining area that leads to a small courtyard. Additionally, the house plan also features a small utility room and a balcony that provides fantastic views of the outdoors.

2. Contemporary Design – The 25×60 house plan 3D features a contemporary and modern design that incorporates clean lines and minimalistic features. The impressive fa├žade of the house is highlighted by a combination of sleek materials such as glass, wood, and concrete, which creates a visually stunning and elegant look. The house’s interiors are well-designed to accommodate the modern lifestyles of homeowners, with ample natural light, beautiful fixtures, and an uncluttered layout.

3. Eco-Friendly Features – The 25×60 house plan 3D includes eco-friendly features such as large windows that offer natural lighting and ventilation and reduce the use of artificial lighting and air conditioning. Additionally, the design incorporates elements such as solar panel installations and smart home technology, allowing homeowners to lower their carbon footprint while also reducing their monthly energy bills. The 3D house plan is also designed to make use of sustainable building materials that are environmentally friendly and offer long-lasting durability.

25×60 house plan 3d Conslusion

In conclusion, a 25×60 house plan design in 3D offers a spacious and functional living space with ample room for families. It provides flexibility and personalized options to suit individual requirements.

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