25×40 house plan east facing

25×40 house plan east facing

Looking for a compact and efficient house plan for an east-facing plot? The 25×40 feet plan is a great option that maximizes space and natural light. As you enter the house through a porch, you’ll find a small foyer that leads to a spacious living room. The kitchen is adjacent to the living room and includes a dining area as well as a utility room. The house has two bedrooms, including a larger master bedroom with an attached toilet, and another toilet that can be accessed from the living room. The east-facing orientation ensures that the house gets plenty of morning sunlight, making it a cheerful and welcoming space.

25×40 house plan east facing

A 25×40 house plan east facing is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a compact yet spacious house plan. This plan is perfect for small families and provides all the necessary amenities within a limited space. The east-facing house plan is designed to ensure maximum sunlight and ventilation throughout the day.

The 1500 square foot plan includes two bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, dining room, and two bathrooms. The house is also designed to have a small front yard and garden area. The front door is on the east side and opens towards the entrance hall leading to the living room and kitchen.

The bedrooms are located towards the west side of the house and are designed to provide maximum comfort and privacy to its occupants. The main bathroom is located adjacent to the bedrooms, while the second bathroom is strategically placed near the living room.

The kitchen is designed to be functional and efficient with ample space for storage. The living and dining room are combined into one open area, which enhances the feeling of spaciousness.

In conclusion, a 25×40 east-facing house plan is an excellent choice for those who want a compact yet functional house plan. This plan maximizes the use of space and provides all the necessary amenities that a small family will need.

Points For 25×40 house plan east facing

1. Open living area: The 25×40 east-facing house plan features an open living area that allows for plenty of natural light to enter the space. The living area is connected to the dining area and kitchen, creating an open and inviting space for entertaining guests or spending time with family.

2. Multiple bedrooms: This house plan includes multiple bedrooms, making it ideal for a family or for those who frequently have guests stay over. There are three bedrooms in total, with the master bedroom located at the front of the house, providing privacy and a peaceful retreat after a long day.

3. Outdoor living spaces: With an east-facing direction, this house plan provides ample opportunity for outdoor living spaces. A covered patio is located at the back of the house, providing a comfortable spot for outdoor dining or relaxation. Additionally, there is plenty of yard space for a garden or outdoor activities.

25×40 house plan east facing Conslusion

The 25×40 East-facing house plan is an efficient and spacious layout that offers ample living space and natural light. The design maximizes every inch of space and provides a comfortable and functional home.

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