20×60 house plan with car parking

20×60 house plan with car parking

Introducing our stunning 20×60 house plan, designed with modern living in mind. This unique home combines simplicity with elegance, with its minimalist yet functional layout. The spacious open floor plan seamlessly blends the living area, dining room, and kitchen, creating a warm and welcoming environment for your family and guests. The house plan also features three spacious bedrooms, including a master suite with a walk-in closet and an ensuite bathroom. Additionally, there is ample car parking space available, making it suitable for families with multiple vehicles. With plenty of natural light and ventilation, this house plan ensures comfortable living throughout the year.

20×60 house plan with car parking

A 20×60 house plan with car parking might seem small, but it can still provide ample living space for a family. This plan features a spacious living room, dining room, and kitchen on the ground floor, along with a bedroom and bathroom for guests or older family members. The first floor accommodates the master bedroom and two additional bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.

The car park is located outside the house, providing space for one or two vehicles. One of the key features of this plan is the use of natural light, with large windows in the living room and bedrooms that allow sunlight to stream in. The bedrooms are also designed to be spacious and comfortable, with ample storage space.

The kitchen is equipped with modern appliances and has plenty of counter space, making it easy to whip up delicious meals. Overall, this 20×60 house plan with car parking is perfect for families looking for a comfortable, modern living space that is efficient and functional.

Points For 20×60 house plan with car parking

1. Rooftop Garden: Instead of utilizing the rooftop area for just a water tank or utility room, this 20×60 house plan includes a small garden on the rooftop which gives a breath of fresh air in the midst of the city’s hustle and bustle. It not only elevates the home’s aesthetic appeal but also provides an additional private space for relaxation and leisure.

2. Multiple Car Parking Garages: This house plan options for two parking garages, one for two cars and the other for one car, which provides ample space for family vehicles and also accommodates guests. The garage is located at the rear of the house, and there’s direct access to the ground floor from the garage for easy movement of luggage and goods.

3. Mini Home Office: With many people working remotely due to the pandemic, this 20×60 house plan incorporates a mini home office in the upstairs area. The area is designed to provide a space for people to work efficiently and productively. It has a comfortable chair and table to cater to any work hassle efficiently. It could also double as a study area for children as well.

20×60 house plan with car parking Conslusion

The 20×60 house plan with car parking is a well-thought-out design that maximizes space without compromising comfort. Its efficient layout and functional features make it a great choice for families looking for a comfortable and convenient home.

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