20 x 70 north facing house plan

20 x 70 north facing house plan

If you’re looking to build a spacious and modern home, a 20 x 70 north facing house plan might be just what you need. This type of home design is ideal for those who want a comfortable living space that makes the most of natural sunlight. North-facing homes also tend to experience less heat and glare, making them more energy-efficient and comfortable year-round. With a 20 x 70 layout, you’ll have plenty of room to create a large living area, dining space, and multiple bedrooms. You can also incorporate unique features like a home office, media room, or a cozy outdoor lounge area.

20 x 70 north facing house plan

When it comes to choosing a house plan, there are several factors to consider, including the orientation of the house. A north-facing house plan is an excellent choice, especially for those living in the Northern Hemisphere. This orientation ensures that your living spaces receive ample amounts of natural light, which is important for energy efficiency and the overall well-being of those living in the house.

A 20 x 70 north-facing house plan provides ample space for a medium-sized family, with enough room for multiple bedrooms, a living room, dining area, and kitchen. To maximize the natural light, large windows should be incorporated into the design. Additionally, the use of light-colored walls and flooring can help reflect the light, making the space feel brighter and more open.

Other considerations for a 20 x 70 north-facing house plan might include incorporating a covered patio or deck into the design. This enables you to enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to too much direct sunlight during peak daylight hours. With the right design and orientation, a 20 x 70 north-facing house plan can be a smart and efficient choice for your next home.

Points For 20 x 70 north facing house plan

1. Ample Natural Lighting: One of the key advantages of a 20 x 70 north facing house plan is the abundance of natural lighting that it offers. With the main entrance facing north, the house receives maximum sunlight during the day, making it bright and airy. This not only saves on electricity bills but also provides a pleasant environment to live in.

2. Efficient Space Utilization: A smaller size of the plot may limit the scope of construction. However, a 20 x 70 north facing house plan optimizes the space utilization by incorporating smart architectural and design choices. The layout of the house features a neat division of rooms and their placement in such a way that there is no wastage of space.

3. Alluring Interiors: The 20 x 70 north facing house plan offers a great opportunity to create a cozy and inviting home. The layout allows the use of some ingenious interior decor elements that can make the interiors appear visually appealing and spacious. The use of glass elements, mirrors, light-reflecting walls, and technology to create illusions of extra space can be perfect for this size of a house plan.

20 x 70 north facing house plan Conslusion

In conclusion, the 20 x 70 north facing house plan offers a spacious and functional layout that maximizes natural light and energy efficiency. It is suitable for large families and those looking for a modern yet practical home design.

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